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Eric Fehr's Wild Ride

Caps winger gets lost on the highway to Hershey



    Eric Fehr's Wild Ride
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    That's $.48 per mile?

    Does Ted Leonsis pay for mileage?  That's what Caps forward Eric Fehr is wondering after his 90-mile commute, as Caps Insider recounts.

    Fehr had offseason shoulder surgery and was told prior to yesterday's loss to the Rangers that if there weren't any injuries (which there weren't), then he was to report to the Caps' minor league affiliate in Hershey on a conditioning assignment.

    So Fehr, following instructions, hopped in his car (what, Ted, no charter?) and began the long drive up I-270 toward Harrisburg and on to Hershey.

    But while nobody was injured in the Rangers game, the Caps third and fourth lines stunk.  So when the coaching staff thought about it a bit, they realized they probably needed him when they faced Detroit.

    So Gabby buzzed Eric on the ol' telephone, catching him when he was right around Frederick.  Fehr turned his car around (likely as quickly as he could) and made his way back to D.C.

    He's expected to play on a line with Chris Clark and David Steckel against Detroit -- which is undoubtedly better than playing for Hershey, no matter how many candy bars they pass out in the locker room.

    Still, the most amazing thing about this story: the players drive themselves around?  Who says pro sports is a glamorous life?