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Do You Know the Punting Man?

Yes, it's THAT Glenn Pakulak



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    The Skins newest MVP in action.

    Special teams are a tiny part of the game, but for the Redskins, they've been the most important.  In three of their four games, special teams players have been their MVPs.

    Game 1: Hunter the Punter faked a field goal for a touchdown, giving the moribund team their only real score (at least while the Giants were still trying).

    Game 2: Shortlegs Suisham nailed just enough field goals to miraculously eke out a win over the Rams of St. Louis.

    Game 4: Mike Nugent yanked, doinked, and whiffled about every kick he saw, leaving points on Tampa Bay's board in a narrow win for the Skins.

    So that's why Hunter the Punter's mid-game injury is so key.  He just might be the Skins' MVP -- especially with all those Campbell-led 30-yard drives.

    In his place, punting duties didn't fall to the man who's number two on the depth chart (Chris Cooley), but to Shortleg Suisham.  He punted acceptably considering how much difficulty he has making a stupid lousy field goal.

    But the Skins aren't about to rest on their special teams laurels.  They've brought in a new guy, Glenn Pakulak.  That Pakulak sounds sort of like 'palooka,' slang for a lously tomato-can boxer, is just pure coincidence.

    We're sure he's a might fine punter, no worse than last year's flirtation with Muffin Top himself.

    Pakulak's on the practice squad, working out with the team just in case Hunter's unable to unstrain his muscles.

    Should he be ready, he'll have big shoes to fill.  It's not every team that relies on their punter as much as this one.