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Death of a Blog(ger)

Gilbert Arenas retires from the Internet



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    The mind of Gilbert Arenas is no longer open for business.

    Mere days after he said he'd no longer be speaking with the media for the remainder of the season, Gilbert Arenas spoke with reporters. Hey, announcing you're retirement from blogging is worth coming out of your hiatus from talking.

    So evidently, Agent Zero: The Blog File on will be no more, as relayed to Mike Jones of the Washington Times.

    Good thing that Gil, unlike Willy Loman, has a day job ... or night job ... or, what exactly does Arenas do again? Haven't seen him in a while.

    The reason Arenas gave for ending his dictation to some dude who actually did the writing was because people, "started trying to read into it and take bits from it," and the blog turned into a, "double-edged sword."

    Well, when you speak your mind via the internets, the next logical step is for people to analyze. Open the door and thousands barge into your house, messing up your couch like Rick James. Comes with the territory of being a celebrity, right?

    With Arenas' retirement from blogging, entertainment loses. Gil loses the outlet that extended his popularity beyond the DMV area, and fans will no longer be able to peer through a window of a refreshingly candid NBA baller's life.

    No more stories about Arenas' Halo exploits, criticizing other NBA players, marriage proposals, family history, not wanting to vote (then saying it was a joke, hilars!), calling himself 'Nacho', or being saved from crashing his car into a lake by Young Jeezy (if only the rapper were around to help poor Willy Loman).

    Yep, Gilbert turning off the lights, putting the Internet in a box to accumulate dust, and accepting his gold blogging watch is everyone's loss ... that is, until he decides to come out of retirement. Knowing the attention seeking Arenas, that will probably be Saturday.

    Kyle Weidie also writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs. He would retire from blogging, but the pension sucks.