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DC-Baltimore's Triumvirate of Ownership Futility

Snyder, Lerner and Angelos are among the worst in sports



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    You can't buy good press. At least Danny Boy can't buy good press.

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that two of the five worst owners in Major League Baseball, and one of the worst five in the NFL, all reside in the Baltimore-Washington area.

    Instead of simply ranking all sports owners, Sports Illustrated recently listed the five best and five worst in each of the four major sports. The Redskins' Dan Snyder ranked third worst among football owners, while Ted Lerner of the Nats and Peter Angelos of the Orioles came in at fifth and first worst in baseball, respectively.

    Snyder has drawn the ire of Skins fans for many reasons, none being unwillingness to spend money, something you can't say about any other "worst" owners. But it's the irresponsibility of Snyder's spending, his gouging of fans for money, and the overall cutthroat Napoleonic reign en route to making the Skins one of the most valuable franchises in sports that has left a poor taste in the mouths of many.

    Lerner is also doing pretty well, richer than Oprah in fact. But what Uncle Ted won't do is pump money into a franchise desperate for fiscal attention after much neglect from MLB. While the Nats are evidently losing money, they are still the 14th most valuable team in baseball. Even after getting his arm twisted into signing Adam Dunn and re-upping Ryan Zimmerman, "you gotta spend money to make money" still isn't part of Lerner's vocabulary. The man didn't get rich by being careless, but he should have known his shrewdness would easily turn off a fan base craving good baseball.

    Angelos has more years of futility than the other two combined, owning the Os since '93 with only two playoff appearances to show. His meddling makes one wonder if he spent too much time around asbestos during his years as a trial lawyer. With Angelos at the helm, and the Yankees and Red Os in the same division, O's fans can look forward to just about ... nothing.

    But not all is lost. Ravens fans can boast Steve Bisciotti, the fifth best owner in the NFL. Wizards owner, Abe Pollin, is ready to dig deep in his pockets and seek an NBA championship before he fades into the sunset. And most would agree that Caps' owner, Ted Leonsis ranks highly among NHL owners, if not in the top five of someone else's list.

    Winning would obviously make it easy to look past the transgressions of such ineptness. But with only two Super Bowls to show between the two cities in the past 20+ years championship wise, if hungry fans don't get a title in some form soon, well, the Internet just might get upset and let those blasted owners know about it, again.

    Kyle Weidie is a D.C. resident who writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs.