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Cubs Fan Goes on Hunger Strike

Fan hopes to inspire team to win 5 in a row



    Cubs Fan Goes on Hunger Strike
    One fan could end up losing a lot of weight if the Cubs don't start winning more games.

    There are dozens of diets out there: Atkins, South Beach, the "Zone," etc. Now, a Buffalo Grove man has come up with his own personal Chicago Cubs diet.

    No, chiropractor Daniel Kamen will not be living off hot dogs, pretzels, and beer from Wrigley Field. Rather, his diet is meant to be more of a hunger strike.

    He has vowed to eat only 500 calories a day until the Cubs win five games in a row—something they've yet to do this season.

    Considering the average male requires well over 2,000 calories to maintain his weight, Kamen could potentially lose quite a few pounds if the Cubs don't pull through for him.

    "I'm going to motivate them," he told the Sun-Times. "I'm going to embarrass them into winning more games. They will see me get skinnier and skinnier, until maybe there's nothing left of me."

    Don't worry, 53-year-old Kamen won't go so far as to starve himself to death. He says he has about 30 pounds he wants to lose anyway, and he will only maintain his diet until the Cubs win five games in a row or until the season ends.

    For both his sake and the Cubs', let's hope Kamen's diet won't have to last too long.

    Matt Bartosik, editor of Off the Rocks' next issue, uses plenty of 4-letter words, but 'diet' isn't one of them.