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The EagleBank Bowl: Now With More Ross Perot

Ross Perot to flip coin at bowl game



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    That great sucking sound you hear? The sound of all those EagleBank Bowl tickets getting sucked up.

    Are you all jazzed for the EagleBank Bowl?  Excited to see football powerhouses like UCLA and Temple square off in ancient RFK Stadium?

    We can hear your apathy from here.  But that's before you found out who the special guest coin-flipper is.  You sitting down?

    It's Ross Perot!

    Better hurry up and buy tickets; they're going fast!

    Oh, sure.  Mock the EagleBank Bowl.  It's easy to do.  And mock Ross Perot.  That fruit's hanging even lower.  See: He'll be bringing pie charts and will lecture players on the odds of the coin landing on either heads or tails.  (Hey, if it were funny, the fruit wouldn't be hanging so low.)

    But beyond the stale, dated, 1990s jokes, there's a good message behind it.  The EBB is helping support the Wounded Warrior Project, a group that helps severely disabled service members with the health care and benefits challenges they face upon returning from war.

    Perot, for whatever you may think of him, has been a strong supporter of veterans.

    The executive director of the Bowl said, "Ross Perot’s dedication and commitment to our nation and military has been well documented and we are honored he has decided to lend his support to the EagleBank Bowl. His participation will help raise awareness of the game and its mission, which in turn will help us support our charity partner, the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides much-needed aid to severely injured service members."

    So go ahead and chuckle a little bit, but just be ready to feel a bit guilty when you're done.  But as long as that great sucking sound you hear is the sound of tickets flying out the window, helping those wounded vets, it's all a good thing.