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Coach Blache Is Tired of Your Questions

Defensive coach gets defensive



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    Coach Blache certainly doesn't want to hear any questions about the tightness of his shirt either.

    Greg Blache is tired of your questions.

    The Skins' defensive coordinator is so very, very tired of being questioned about the Skins' lousy pass rush, that he went off on a TV analyst in the aftermath of Friday's loss to the Pats.

    Who's upset?  The coach whose defensive line put so little pressure on the QB last season that it usually seemed like they were counting five Mississippis before rushing; the coach whose defensive line was so poor that the team spent $100 million in the offseason bringing in a tank of a lineman while 14 other holes on the team went unfilled; the coach whose team was 29th in sacks last season.

    Yeah, that coach.

    What got him upset?  This question from Comcast's Trevor Matich: "Coach, how would you evaluate the pass rush today?"

    Ooooh!  Such a stinging, cutting, bile-filled question!

    After answering it straight, Blache turned the tables, arrogantly grilling Matich with what his impression of the pass rush was. His response wasn't enough for Blache (as transcribed by the DC Sports Bog):

    "'I knew you had an ulterior motive,' he said. 'And then when I asked you the question, you went duh duh duh, so obviously when you throw questions, you've got to be able to handle them coming back.'

    "Matich tried to get a word in, but the lava was already flowing.

    "'There you go again,. Blache said, channeling Reagan. 'I know you guys, pass rush must the only thing y'all learned in elementary school, because it's the question I get all the time, when it's good and when it's bad. And I don't mind answering your questions, but I'd least like to answer smart, honest, well thought out questions, except the same old, over and over, same old stuff.'"


    Blache's crotchety old man act has some fans cheering.  Sample: "I just like the way he handles the media. He's not worried about etiquette, he's clearly never taken the coach's 'Speaking to the Media 101' course."

    There's truth to that, but considering the defense's recent trouble in getting any sort of pressure, it's an appropirate (if insipid) question.

    Coach's full response talks about some of the nuances and details of playing defense and how Tom Brady's adjustments at the line made the defense look worse than it was -- an interesting, insightful answer.

    It's too bad it got lost in his angrily defensive rant.