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Chris Cooley Shaved by Strangers at Camp

"If it sounds a little awkward and uncomfortable, that's because it was"



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    Jordan Ruby,
    Chris Cooley being shaved, courtesy SBNation DC.

    Chris Cooley is always a good sport when it comes to new media. He's taken on bloggers in feats of skill (he lost), helped fan proposals go viral on his very own blog, and assisted Chad Ochocinco in doing ... something by submitting himself to imagery such as this.

    But Saturday took the cake even for Cooley, who allowed himself to be shaved by two average Joes shilling online for Gillette.

    Yep, shaved. It's hard to picture an old schooler like, say, Jerome Brown letting some random dudes take a razor to his face, but Chris Cooley is no Jerome Brown, and not just because he's still alive or refusing clothes that make him look like a cherry tomato.

    Anyway, SBNation DC's Jordan Ruby was present to tell of the shaving, which happened courtesy of Adam Ward and Jason Zone. The pair have spent their summer rolling around to different sports events enjoying life and passing out razors as winners of Gillette's Ultimate Summer Job contest, footage of which they post on a blog.

    Their latest mission: attend Redskins camp to chat up fans and players. But they weren't having much luck with the latter category until, you guessed it, they ran into Chris Cooley. One of them was able to talk him into trying out the new Gillette ProGlide (secret: nine blades!) on his Don Johnson-esque scruff right then and there.

    So Cooley got to work sans water and mirror, but obviously couldn't help missing a spot here and there. That led to the unsettling scene you see above, in which his eyes seem to cry in resigned despair, "I went through physical therapy for this?"

    There's even more where that came from. Ruby reports the two took turns shaving Cooley, and "if it sounds a little awkward and uncomfortable, that's because it was."

    So there you have it: Chris Cooley was publicly shaved post-workout by two men working in tandem. It may not be Traditional Training Camp News, but goodness, is it bizarre. We should probably just be glad the two weren't sponsored by Nair, and therefore we were all spared the horror of seeing all eight Clinton Portis characters waxed outdoors.