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Caps Get Two Ugly Points

Some warning signs in Caps' win



    Caps Get Two Ugly Points
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    Clark didn't look like Ovie, but the goal counts just the same.

    The Caps may have beaten the Thrashers in Atlanta Thursday night, but if it's possible to have a downer of a win, then they did.  Lots went wrong in a game that they should've won easily, but instead turned into a cliffhanger.

    The points are nice, but if they make some of those same mistakes in the playoffs, it's going to be a short spring in D.C.

    The Caps continue to take too many senseless minor penalties, including four in the third period and an incredible three in the final three minutes of the game!  Atlanta converted one in the last minute, giving Caps fans a bit of a nervous tic.

    This was a problem last year, and it's remained a problem this year.  They took two slashing and one cross check penalties in the game.  Those are lazy, undisciplined fouls.  There's almost no excuse to ever be called for a stick penalty.  (Unless you're playing the Flyers, of course.)

    Semyon Varlamov continued his run of shaky play.  He wasn't terrible.  But neither was he great.  If he's going to be the guy that's going to run them to the Cup (if he's able to displace Theo, that is), then he's going to have to focus and improve. 

    Boudreau's made it clear that he views the first half of the season as an audition for the goalies.  Semyon's failing so far.

    On the bright side?  Lines other than Ovechkin's scored.  Players you may have forgotten were still on the team, like Alexandre Giroux and Chris Clark, scored goals, which is always a good thing.

    The top line basically took a night off and the Caps still won.

    You've gotta be happy with the results, even if you didn't like the route to getting there.