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May Says Canada is Jealous of Capitals

Alan May takes on the Great White North



    May Says Canada is Jealous of Capitals
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    WASHINGTON - MARCH 27: Mike Green #52 of the Washington Capitals takes the shot against the Tampa Bay Lightning on March 27, 2009 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The Capitals defeated the Lightning 5-3. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

    The Capitals are the hottest team in the NHL, and on Tuesday night they will go for 11 wins in a row, which would break the franchise record set 26 years ago.

    The Caps will play for the second straight game without star defenseman Mike Green, who was suspended for three games for an elbow on Florida's Michael Frolik. The play didn't even draw a penalty, but it was Canadian broadcasters on TSN who originally had a major problem with the hit.

    Comcast SportsNet Caps analyst Alan May, who spent several seasons with the Caps in the 1990s, came down hard on the Canadian media for its alleged "bias" against the Caps and the Green hit.  The Bog was gracious enough to transcribe May's attack:

    "I thought it was created by TSN up in Canada and their announcers, sitting there on a Friday night. The only angles they showed of the Mike Green hit were very poor angles that looked like it was a bad hit, and when you go in super-slow motion, it makes it look worse all the time. And I thought the Mike Green hit, no one even noticed it the other night. And they made a big deal, and he winds up getting three games out of it."

    So what do you think is behind the alleged bias up in Canada? May says he knows:  "I think the Canadians up there, they do not like the fact that there's a Russian hockey player as the best player in hockey."

    That Russian hockey player would be one Alex Ovechkin.  While he may not be Don Cherry's favorite, Canadians aren't willing to take May's word as gospel.

    The CBC's Elliotte Friedman described May's opinion as such on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada: "Tonight's version of 'You've Got To Be Kidding Me.' "

    Well, is there a bias? Everyone has their own opinion.

    But maybe they're just Green with envy?  The Capitals are the best team in the Eastern Conference and are one point behind the San Jose Sharks for the best record in hockey.