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Are the Mets a Moustache Away From a Championship?

A new web site dares to ask if David Wright is the key



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    First you get the whiskers, then you win the title.

    What's been missing from the Mets in the last two Septembers? It hasn't been a faulty bullpen, inconsistent starting pitching or an offense that fails in the clutch. Not according to the guys behind, at least.

    Those follicle fanatics believe that David Wright needs to grow a moustache to lift the Amazins to the next level. They've put together a video to advocate for their cause. Compare Wright's nude upper lip to the bushiness found under the noses of the 1986 World Champions:

    While they're at it, could they bring back the rally caps too? That shot of Howard Johnson and Bobby Ojeda at the beginning is a blast of 80's goodness that makes every day a little brighter.  

    Not since Bobby Valentine appeared in the Mets dugout with a fake 'stache has anyone paid this much attention to the team's facial hair.

    The site's only a couple of weeks old, but it's gaining notoriety, showing up on Deadspin and Bill Simmons' podcast. Those two are as good an indicator of a tipping point as any.

    If the site keeps growing, you can rest assured that Wright will one day be asked if he'll forego shaving for a shot at the playoffs.

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