10 Things With Charlie Davies

We know a lot about our favorite athletes on the field. Their stats and bios are easily googled and we read about their on-field accomplishments often. But how much do we really know about them personally?

Since we’re curious, we’ve asked our favorite athletes to tell us 10 things that we don’t know about them.

Today we focus on DC United's Charlie Davies (@CharlieDavies9), who reveals his biggest fear and the strangest request he's ever gotten from a fan.

Take it away, Charlie…

10 Things You Don't Know About Me, Charlie Davies

1. I hate germs. I’m a clean freak, on the verge of phobic. Shaking hands and stuff doesn’t bother me, but I walk around my apartment cleaning things. I love vacuuming and Swiffering.

2. I’m scared of bees. That’s my biggest fear. I ran into a nest when I was 7 and got stung, like, 24 times. So now when I see them, I flip out. It could be the smallest bee ever and I’ll freak out.

3. When getting dressed for a game, I always put my shoes and stuff on left foot first and then alternate. I wear two pairs of socks, so it’s left sock, right sock, left sock again, right sock. Then I put on my shin guard sleeves, left first, and then shoes. I’ve done it the other way before, and it felt weird.

4. I had a fan once ask me to fly them to where we were playing. They just flat out asked me. I said “Yeah, we’ll think about that.” I can’t ever be mean to people.

5. I love Play Station. I play FIFA and Call of Duty. None of my teammates has ever beaten me in FIFA.

6. I don’t have my driver’s license and I never have. I’ve just never taken the driver’s test. It started with being in a boarding school and not needing it, and then not needing it in college in Boston. After that I spent all of my time playing soccer and just never got around to studying or taking the test. I do plan to get it eventually.

7. I’m getting married in June in Boston. Nina and I met my freshman year of college and have been together for seven years. 

8. I’m a very, very picky eater. Cold cheese? Never. Sour cream? Never. Eggplant, zucchini, mustard, crab? Never.

9. I get pedicures.

10. I’m a shoe freak. I probably have at least 80 pairs of sneakers.   

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