They Probably Don't Mind Hot DC Summers

Nudist organization sits down with lawmakers on Capitol Hill

You can be sure that most members of Congress will not be visiting a nudist colony this summer. There’s a good chance, however, that a nudist colony will be visiting your congressman in the coming months.

The American Association for Nude Recreation is on Capitol Hill this week.

“We’re planning to visit 130 to 150 lawmakers this week,” AANR Executive Director Erich Schuttauf told The Hill. “And nearly everyone is receptive because our camps bring business to their districts.”

Its camps are bringing plenty of goodies to politicians too: SPF 15 sunscreen, ChapStick and emery boards, to name a few.

Like every other organization, the AANR has an agenda in Washington.  Its main objective this year is to have nudists exempt from legislation that adds a huge surcharge to credit card transactions for adult products that don’t block access to minors.

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