Teens Run for Prince George's County School Board

A couple of college freshman hope to soon be freshmen members of the Prince George's County Board of Education.

Many of their contemporaries are pondering how to cast their first votes, but 18-year-olds David Murray (District 1) and Edward Burroughs (District 8) are running for office.

Murray's age definitely raised voters' eyebrows Tuesday.

"I think they're surprised at first, but once I tell them a little bit about myself and why I'm running, I think they're pretty happy," Murray said.

Education boards aren't new to the candidates, who've been friends since they were 12. Burroughs served as a student member on the Prince George's County School Board. Murray was a student representative on the Maryland State Board of Education.

Whether or not they'll stay in politics is up in the air. Balancing studies and campaigning has been taxing.

"This campaign has been very challenging," Burroughs said. "Let met get through this one before I think about anything else."

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