Students Make “Get Out the Vote' Music Vide”

Local all-girl rock band wants young people to hit the polls

WASHINGTON -- Four local students have made their very own music video, hoping to encourage young people to get to the polls for the upcoming presidential election.

The video was made for their original song called, "Get Out and Vote," and was produced specifically for Youtube, where the group hopes to reach the most young people.

Three of the members of the band, called "Steel Polly," are sisters. Two of the sisters are students at Georgetown Visitation High School in northwest Washington and are not even old enough to vote.

"It's important to some younger people who can't even vote, like me," 17-year-old Visitation senior Isabelle DeLeon said. "We wanted to show those people who can vote to do it. It's a privilege as a U.S. citizen."

The entire video was shot in one day with the help of the DeLeon's father.

Catholic University senior Christine DeLeon, 18, will vote for the first time next month. "It was really exciting doing a video like this," she said. "It's just inspiring other people my age just to go out and do it."

The band members were motivated to make the video because this is such a crucial election, 21-year-old lead singer Victoria Landis said. "I really think it's important for people to vote because of the fact that the president and everyone else need to get out and change everything," Landis said.

In the video, the politically active students sing about the hot-button issues that voters are facing, including the economy, gas prices and the war in Iraq. However, the band members say they won't reveal who they support in the race for the White House.

"Our lips are sealed," Landis said. "Our video is completely neutral when it comes to the candidates." You can watch the Youtube music video by clicking here.

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