Politician Apologizes (Again) for Proposal Stunt

Cardin used police resources to propose

Apparently one apology wasn't enough.

A Maryland lawmaker has said he's sorry -- again -- to Baltimore residents and his constituents for a marriage proposal stunt involving police.

Democratic Delegate Jon Cardin already had apologized to the police department for putting officers in an awkward position by asking them to use a helicopter and a police boat during his Aug. 7 proposal. For those who don't remember, the Baltimore Sun described the incident like this:

Officers boarded the boat, owned by a friend of Del. Jon S. Cardin, on Aug. 7 in the Inner Harbor. As the helicopter Foxtrot hovered overhead, adding to the sense of tension, one report says officers pretended to search the vessel and even had the woman thinking she was about to be handcuffed before the delegate got on one knee and proposed.

Cardin already said he would reimburse the city for expenses related to the phony raid on the boat. But on Thursday on his Web site, Cardin made a wider apology, while also saying he hopes his mistake in judgment will not define his career.

"As I have previously stated, in retrospect, my plan -- as romantic as it was for my fiancée -- was ill-conceived. No matter how brief the event, city resources should not have been involved. ... I can assure all that this has been extremely embarrassing, and I pledge to redouble my efforts, perhaps a little smarter now, to work hard on behalf of the citizens of this great community as well as have a loving, respectful future marriage with my amazing fiancée."

Yes, please let Cardin get back to more important things, like letting the Discovery Channel film TV shows in his home.

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