Obama To Hold First Campaign Rally With Deeds


Virginia's Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Creigh Deeds, whose campaign has struggled to generate as much enthusiasm this summer as that of Republican Bob McDonnell, is trailing McDonnell by mid-double-digits in the most recent polls. It seems that the Virginia of 2008, which voted "blue" straight down the ticket, is now thinking, "I am still unemployed, liar Democrats."

Will Barack Obama ever come to Virginia to save country bear Deeds? Well, yes, yes he will -- on Thursday in McLean, where the rich live! It will mark the "Democratic heavyweight's" first appearance with Deeds and, unless everyone throws rotten tomatoes at the stage, not the last.

The Washington Post, however, is concerned that Obama's appearance could be detrimental to the Deeds campaign! Because who even likes this president character, who hasn't fixed all the various things yet? Virginian Obama-voter Stephanie Slater -- one of the article's three anecdotal cases from which an entire article was extrapolated -- is disappointed with her 2008 vote, now that Obama's stopped singing her to sleep at night:

"When he gave that speech that day, I was in awe. I was really inspired and thought, 'Wow, this is a guy who can do it,' " said Slater, a medical transcriptionist and mother of three.

But she has been disturbed by the large Wall Street bonuses that Obama doesn't seem to be able to halt and his inability to rein in credit card companies that raise rates even on those with good credit. Although she is trying to be patient, she said she is losing faith in the Democrats running Washington.

Wait, Stephanie! There was a credit card thingamajig that Barack Obama signed into law in May: the "Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009," or as the kids call it, "H.R. 267."

As for Wall Street bonuses? Well, we're with you, and doubt that Creigh Deeds will be able to do much about those as Governor of Virginia.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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