NRA Enters Virginia Race With “Mobster” Ad

Gun-rights group supports McDonnell, blasts Bloomberg

The National Rifle Association has made its foray into the Virginia governor's race on behalf of Republican candidate Bob McDonnell. But instead of attacking his opponent, Creigh Deeds, the NRA instead goes after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


The NRA says Bloomberg and his "cronies" want to take Virginia's guns away -- an attempt to light a fire under the Commonwealth's gun lovers.

Bloomberg is an advocate of getting guns off streets, but his views (and actions) have infuriated many concerned with their Second Amendment rights. And as Virginia's attorney general, McDonnell clashed with Bloomberg over the NYC mayor's effort to shut down Virginia gun dealers who sold guns to undercover NYC investigators who bought the guns in violation of existing regulations, according to Politico.

Back in April Bloomberg unleashed ads against McDonnell. The somber ads were timed with the anniversary of the deadly Virginia Tech shooting rampage and featured the brother of Reema Samaha, one of the 32 people gunned down during the attack.

In the NRA's new ads, however, a Sopranos-influenced actor uses a mob-like attitude to voice his displeasure with Virginians over the treatment of Bloomberg.

"When Mayor Bloomberg got down here, your guy, Bob McDonnell, kicked him out of Virginia, and it was very disrespectful," the mobster said. "When you vote I strongly suggest you forget about your freedoms and your Mr. Second Amendment Bob McDonnell."


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The new ad, paid for by the NRA Political Victory Fund, wraps up with a nod to McDonnell, giving him near-super hero status:

"He's Bob McDonnell, defending Virginia's freedom, from whoever tries to take it away."

Bloomberg, meanwhile, released the results of his latest undercover gun show investigation in Nevada, Tennessee and Ohio on Wednesday. Read more about those efforts here.

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