Norton Challenger Seeks $994 Trillion in Lawsuit

Who is Queen Noble?

Those seeking an alternative to Eleanor Holmes Norton in the race for D.C. congressional delegate will find a few options in the Board of Elections Voter Guide. There’s anti-abortion activist Missy Reilly Smith, running as a Republican, and Statehood-Green nominee Rick Tingling‐Clemmons. And then there’s Queen Noble, running under the banner of the H.E.R.O.S.H.E.R.O. Party. Her statement, in full:

I am here for my babies kidnapped by kat sabilous department of social services and the department of children and family services in Hollywood, ca. I am Queen GIVE ME BACK MY KIDS Noble, I have 994 trillion law suit active in the us supreme here in dc against this government currently aiding and abetting smith’s kidnapping of my kids in this stolen country. Prima Facie discovery Evidence is proof of target victimization for life and robbed of my family.

In an online interview, Noble says Norton has held the seat for “60 or 70 years” (actually, it’s 20) and that it’s time for a change with “stronger, non-inferior people” in office. She suggests she would use the proceeds of her $994 trillion lawsuit -- Sandra Queen Noble v. Stolen United States of America et al -- to fix a large list of social ills.

So who is this candidate?

She says she has sought the presidency five times and ran for mayor of Cincinnati three times. In her 2005 Cincinnati campaign, she issued several brief, strange position papers, and wound up with 121 votes. During a television appearance in that campaign, she showed up for a television forum "wearing curly, green gift wrapping ribbon all over her hair, and a shiny, gold Stetson on top of that (seemingly plastic).” She said the color denotes her royal heritage.

It’s not likely that Del. Norton will debate Queen Noble, but don’t you wish she would?

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