I Voted … Now Give Me My Sticker!

Some Prince William County residents didn’t get to wear that special sticker

Everyone loves to get free stuff.  On Election Day, it's often an “I Voted” sticker -- which usually leads to more goodies, like free Starbucks coffee or a free taco. 

But, unfortunately, some Prince William County residents didn’t get that initial perk this year.

According to InsideNova.com, election officials at all of the county’s precincts didn’t have have any “I Voted” stickers to hand out.

In an e-mail written to InsideNova.com, Prince William County General Registrar Berry Weimer said “Due to budget cuts, we did not provide I voted stickers to any of our precincts.”  He also said they were not a “required item.”

Weimer says the county hopes to be able to provide them in the future.

But never fear, voters, the free stuff still could have been yours, even without a sticker.  How? Ben Smith explains.

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