High Praise for Fenty

Ally compares mayor to Jesus

If Mayor Adrian Fenty loses in September, perhaps he can aspire to an, um, higher office.

“If you understand what they did to Jesus, on Monday, everybody was praising him. Wednesday, he went to court, and all the people who he helped, nobody came to court for him. … On Friday, they crucified him. ... The reason why we're here today is to get the facts out to you so history don't repeat itself again.”

That was Fenty ally Ron Moten of Peaceaholics on Sunday, making the comparison between the elected mayor of a city of 600,000 and the central figure of Christianity.

Moten said Fenty changed the city taxi fare system. Had Jesus done the same thing, that would have saved him a lot of pieces of silver when he grabbed a cab into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Moten also went after Fenty’s main rival, Vincent Gray, saying, “He's a flip-flopper, ya’ll. He's gonna tell everybody what they need to hear.”

In any case, if Fenty is Jesus, there’s hope. Even if he loses this year, we can expect one heck of a comeback.

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