Head Of D.C. Lottery: “We're Hoping Our Wizards Scratch-Off Ticket Will Be More Successful Than The Actual Team”

We've all seen the advertisements -- and by "we," I mean those of us who willingly subject ourselves to watching WIzards basketball -- for the WIzards' D.C. Lottery scratch-off ticket. 

The top cash prize is $6,000 and the odds of winning that sum of money is 1:100,000, which has led many to coin (no pun intended) a new slogan for the ticket: "The Washington Wizards Scratcher: WIn Before They Do!"

It's one thing when schmoes like me make bad jokes, but it''s another when the executive director of D.C. Lottery pokes a little fun at the Wizards, too.

Our Jackie Bensen is at the oversight hearing for D.C. CFO Natwar Gandhi, who is being criticized for failing to release audits that were critical of his office. You can tune in to News4 this evening to hear all about that, but for now, you can hear what Buddy Roogow said about the Wizards scratcher.

"We're hoping our new Washington Wizards Scratch-Off ticket will be more successful, excuse me, than the actual team," he said

Shots fired. The follow-up joke can go in one of two ways:

  1. The Wizards would shoot back, but they're afraid that Jan Vesely might airball it.
  2. The only lottery that the Wizards are going to win anytime soon is the Draft Lottery. And knowing them, they'll find a way to mess that up, too.

You pick. I'm feeling charitable today.


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