Gray to Shake Up Staff: Sources

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is preparing to shakeup his top staff in an effort to get better control of his administration.

The planned move comes as Gray grapples with several problems that many say have side-tracked his administration at a crucial time. He's been in office just 10 weeks, but allegations of payoffs, nepotism and high salaries may require big changes.

Mayor Gray declined to discuss his internal plans Monday, but NBC Washington has learned he's leaning toward a major shakeup in his top staff.

Sources said Gray is being strongly encouraged to replace chief of staff Gerri Hall, who is paid $200,000 a year but who has failed to head off or respond to a variety of problems, advisers said. The chief of staff is seen as a crucial missing link in Gray's slow start in office.

The mayor also is beefing up his media operation, which also has been slow to respond to a crush of media attention. 

Advisers said Gray is considering a proposal to cutback the high salaries of other top aides to avoid criticism when he announces his austerity budget April 1. It'll be hard to sell a tough budget and sacrifice if Gray's own staff has record-setting salaries.

UPDATE: Gray said Tuesday he has ordered a rollback of some high salaries that have drawn criticism, but he has yet to offer specifics.

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