McDonnell Wants To Get Out Of Booze Business

Governor sticking by campaign pledge to privatize liquor stores

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says he's a White Zinfandel fan. Soon he may be able to pick up his favorite wine at a local liquor store that his state doesn’t own. 

The governor is sticking by his campaign promise, and says he plans to get Virginia out of the liquor business.
“We’ve got to be innovative,” McDonnell told “We’ve got a tough budget. We’ve got a historic downturn in the economy, at least in recent history. We can’t just do things the same old way. We can’t accept the status quo.” talked with an expert who says Virginia could end up making millions more if they get out of the liquor business. Another added bonus: liquor stores will look less like government offices. Many liquor stores outside of Virginia have a noticeable charm.
In their report, found one thing you won’t find in any Virginia liquor store – a $17,000 bottle of scotch at a store in Dupont Circle.
The governor said he’s working toward the goal of privatizing liquor sales. Virginia could use any extra money. The state is facing a budget shortfall of more than $4 billion.
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