Women Volunteers, Grassroots Groups Powered Wexton’s Win in Virginia

Suburban women are getting a lot of the credit for helping Representative-elect Jennifer Wexton flip Virginia’s 10th Congressional District this elections.

Kathy Shupe of Sterling knocked on hundreds of voters to turn out voters.

“I believe that women are the reason this happened and I believe that we will continue to be that reason to change all of this in the United States,” she said.

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Wexton credited women and the groups they are aligned with — like Indivisible and Moms Demand Action — for her victory over Republican incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock.

“Mobilization of women and joining women’s groups was huge in my race,” she said. “I mean it was one of the top things that set my race apart from a lot of others.”

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Moms Demand Action members are determined to flip more seats.

Political activism is new to some in this group. For years, Cindy McCoy had donated money, but after President Donald Trump's election, she realized she had to do more.

“It's not enough to just be upset and yell and cry,” she said. “You have to actually do something, so I realized I had to get on my feet and do more.”

“Really investing our passion and interest in making sure we are protecting our kids for the future,” Kristin Jones said

They are already thinking about next year’s election for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and the Virginia General Assembly.

“We’re forming this group of women and people are joining us every day,” Elizabeth Coppage said, adding, “We’re all going to keep going. It’s not over by far.”

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