Virginia Delegation in the Spotlight at RNC

Virginia delegates at the Republican National Convention held their first official meeting Monday.

“I’m very excited about Mitt’s candidacy and Paul Ryan as well,” actor Jon Voight told the delegates.

Then Mitt Romney’s oldest son, Tagg, started his RNC rounds with Virginia’s delegates, whose mission over the next two months will be to turn the commonwealth red again.

“Virginia, I think, will be one of the most important states in the election,” Tagg Romney said.

The delegation gets some of the best seats in the convention hall.

“You see the prominence that Virginia plays here at the convention,” Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling said. “We have a seat on the floor right next to the podium.”

The delegates are thrilled with the attention.

“This is my fourth national convention, and this is the best treatment by far that we’ve ever received in the past, and it’s because Virginia’s a battleground state both for the White House and for the U.S. Senate race,” Delegate Phil Griffin said. “And so all eyes will once again be focused on Virginia, not just in Tampa but coming into November as well.”

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