Sources: Mayor Gray Declines to Meet With Prosecutors

Mayor Vincent Gray has declined several requests to meet with prosecutors looking into a "shadow" campaign that helped elect Gray in 2010, sources confirmed for News4.

In the past, Gray repeatedly said he's cooperating with authorities in an investigation that’s more than a year old and has seen some felony convictions, but he would not repeat that pledge Monday.

“I was the one who called for an investigation of my own campaign, and we will continue to work with this investigation,” Gray had said in July.

But now, there are new questions about just how much the mayor is cooperating. The Washington Post Editorial Board first reported Saturday that Gray has declined several requests from prosecutors to meet with them about their investigation of him.

“Well, I've indicated, Tom, all along, especially in the recent past, that really it's inappropriate for me to comment on a pending investigation,” the mayor told News4 Monday.

But the mayor would not repeat that he's cooperating with authorities.

“I think i just won’t comment at this stage on a pending investigation,” Gray said. “The investigation is ongoing and we'll see it through.”

Political observers say the shift in the mayor's public comments could be troubling for him. On one hand, the mayor has said he'd like to see the investigation wrap up as thoroughly and as quickly as possible, but now on the other hand, he's not talking with investigators to make that happen.

Robert Bennett, the mayor's lawyer, was travelling Monday and not available for comment.

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