D.C. Council Approves Revised Food Trucks Bill

The D.C. Council approved several key bills, including one about the growing food trucks industry.

The Council voted to reduce parking violations from $2,000 to just $50, which other vendors pay, and a monthly lottery will be held for some food truck locations. Food trucks that don't get a spot in a lottery zone will only have to park 200 feet away instead of the previously proposed 500 feet. The bill also reduced the amount of unobstructed sidewalk required to vend to 6 feet.

“We’re glad that the D.C. City Council rejected the mayor’s proposed regulations and succeeded in passing something better,” said Bert Gall, director of the Institute for Justice’s National Street Vending Initiative. “Today is a win for food-truck entrepreneurs, their employees, and everyone who works and lives in the District."

The food truck rules still require Mayor Vincent Gray's signature.

The Council also approved a bill that would let any adult officiate a marriage ceremony, after paying a small fee. Currently only a religious leader or judge can officiate weddings.

Another bill approved today would simplify the process for transgender people who want to permanently change their birth certificates to reflect their sex change.

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