Morning Read: Del. Says Va. GOP Pressuring Him To Drop Socially Conservative Agenda

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, R-Prince William County

Yesterday, Morning Read wrote that the Virginia GOP would quietly kill the "personhood" amendment, a sign that the party would likely be shifting its focus away from controversial social issues this year.

Since then, the author of the state's "personhood" bill, Del. Bob Marshall, has said just as much.

Marshall told the Huffington Post that since Nov. 6 the GOP is "more overtly gun-shy" about dealing with abortion and said he is receiving constant pressure from party leaders to drop his socially conservative agenda.

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"It doesn't happen more than seven days a week, 52 weeks a year," he told The Huffington Post sarcastically in an interview. "Through committee assignments, being shoved aside ... I've had to deal with things the hard way."

Marshall is a strong opponent of abortion in all circumstances, same-sex marriage, funding for Planned Parenthood and insurance coverage of contraception. He went on to say that the GOP is purposely using commitee assignments to "set this pro-life legislation up for failure."

But this doesn't he won't be able to propose anti-abortion related legislation at all. Via Huffington Post:

"For example, I might amend a bill that deals with life insurance to say the child killed in utero should be recognized as a legal person," he said. "Just put that in there and stipulate it. I've seen massive shifts on lobbying and delegates pulling their bills because they know I'll amend them and that I know how to do it in a germane way."


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