Morning Read: Maryland Senate Expected to Give Final Vote on Gun Legislation Thursday


The Maryland Senate is expected to vote on Gov. O’Malley’s sweeping gun control package Thursday. The chamber gave preliminary approval to the legislation Wednesday, keeping the key elements of O’Malley’s proposal intact.

In its final vote today, the Senate is expected to pass legislation that would require prospective gun buyers to submit to fingerprinting, complete a safety training course and undergo a more rigorous background check process before purchasing a weapon. The bills would also ban military-style assault weapons and limit magazines to 10 bullets in the state.

During 11 hours of debate Wednesday, the Senate did make some amendments to O’Malley’s original proposal.

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One approved amendment went beyond the governor’s proposal and would prohibit anyone who’s been admitted to a mental hospital under an emergency petition from purchasing a weapon.(Current law bans anyone who’s been voluntarily admitted to a mental hospital for more than 30 days.)

The chamber also approved an amendment that would reduce the pistol licensing fee from $100 to $25.

A House committee is scheduled to take up the legislation Friday.

Take time today to read the Washington Post's story on Bretta -- a big gun manufacturer considering closing its manufacturing plant in Maryland because of O’Malley’s push for some of the strictest gun regulations in the country. If the assault weapon ban is passed, one of the company’s popular guns, which is produced in the state, would be illegal in Maryland.


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