Morning Read: Gun Rally an Unusual Sight in DC

About 40 people rallied in D.C. Friday in support of the second amendment -- a seemingly out-of-place sight in the overwhelmingly pro-gun control city.

The Washington Times wrote:

It’s hard to say whether it was a first, but it was certainly unusual: a pro-gun rally in the District. And in front of city hall, no less, where elected officials in the heavily Democratic city have no qualms about promoting some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. 

Red Alter Politics wrote:

For about two hours, they captured the attention of passing motorists and tourists with their argument that increased gun ownership equals increased public safety.

The rally came just two days after the shooting of an unarmed security guard at the Family Research Council in downtown D.C.

Protestors screamed “Hey, hey! Mayor Gray! We want concealed carry,” arguing that armed residents would be able to stop shootings from escalating.

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In the wake of the shooting, however, Mayor Vincent Gray has been speaking in favor of the city’s gun control laws, saying he would work hard to preserve them.

Currently no gun stores exist in D.C., and there’s only one federally licensed agent that is legally allowed to receive and register a gun once it is purchased outside D.C. But the council did pass legislation earlier this year to make it easier for residents to meet pre-registration requirements for owning a gun in D.C.

A Gray spokesman told tThe Times that the city’s gun laws are working and D.C. is currently on track to have the lowest homicide rate its had in 40 years.


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