Morning Read: Mysterious Anti-Kaine Text Messages Sent To Voters

Tim Kaine
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The Senate race between Tim Kaine and George Allen may have just got dirtier.

On Monday night, the Kaine camp sent an email to supporters saying mysterious text messages were sent out to Virginia voters claiming that Kaine supports “a radical new tax on all Americans.”

“This isn't just a sleazy campaign tactic. It's a crime. The FCC has ruled that sending unsolicited text messages like this one is against the law,” Campaign Manager Michael Henry wrote in the email.

Anonymous attacks against Tim aren't new -- but invading voters' privacy like this goes way too far.

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The Kaine campaign says the content of the message is entirely false.

It is unclear who sent the text messages, but the email suggests that it was an outside group, not the Allen campaign.

The email then goes on to ask voters for a contribution of $5 or more.


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