Maryland Senate Candidates Court Labor at Verizon Strike

The leading candidates vying for Maryland’s coveted U.S. Senate seat tried to rally support from union workers Wednesday.

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-4th District) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-8th District) participated in a rally in Silver Spring. The Communications Workers of America are on strike against Verizon.

“I always stand on the side of American workers and always stand on the side of organized workers and always stand people who want to build jobs, opportunity and the middle class for all of our families,” Edwards said.

When the company is doing well, workers should be doing well, Van Hollen said.

“But the profits from that worker productivity, where are they going? They're not going to increased wages and benefits for workers, they're just going to increase bonuses for the CEO and executives at the very top,” he said.

Both candidates are counting on labor to turn out the vote in Tuesday’s primary.

“I was standing with CWA and have been standing with workers always and I'm proud to have the support of the vast majority of organized labor here in the great state of Maryland and across the country,” Edwards said.

Van Hollen said he won the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union, which previously backed Edwards.

“When Congresswoman Edwards was first running for office, they were a major force behind her campaign, and they've said that they're backing me in this race because I've actually been there.”

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