D.C. Early Voting New Since 2008 Presidential Election

Before noon Monday, hundreds of District citizens visited the Board of Elections to cast early ballots for the Nov. 6 election.

Dozens of local and national races are on the ballot in D.C., as well as three D.C. Council-passed measures that would toughen ethics laws and allow convicted leaders to be forced from office -- measures passed after a series of ethics scandals, some still unresolved.

Early voting in the District is new since the 2008 presidential election when voters were confronted with extraordinary lines for President Barack Obama, who got 93 percent of the vote.

“We had a situation where the morning vote on Election Day, the lines extended, you know, blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks,” D.C. Council member Mary Cheh said. “We'll see whether the early voting takes some of that pressure off, but we're ready.”

Maryland's early voting begins Saturday. Virginia allows more traditional absentee balloting that's already begun.

George Mason University has a website tracking early voting numbers across the country.

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