Afternoon Read: DC Officials May Have Purposely Set Fire To Personnel Files

Another day, another scandal.

On Tuesday, Washington City Paper reported that D.C. police and firefighter union officials are asking for an investigation into the burning of District personnel files, including medical files containing private information.

The two unions heads say that last Friday around 5 p.m., a D.C. fire engine company was dispatched to the city's fire department training academy to put out three fires in dumpsters, which turned out to be filled with personnel files of cops and firefighters.

Now, emails obtained by the paper suggest that the records set on fire may have included records that the Fraternal Order of Police union had requested through a public records request and that the subsequent files may have been burnt on purpose.

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According to WCP, a deputy director of the department's recruitment bureau emailed his staff on May 17 saying that there was going to be a "file burn" the next day and the staff should get the items ready that they wanted destroyed.

The FOP and city officials have a history of tension over recruitment and retention issues, WCP reports. Mayor Vincent Gray announced in the fall that he’d be hiring 300 new police officers. But when the FOP requested to see the records related to recruitment efforts, the District didn’t produce them and the FOP sued.

Read the full story and email here.

* A second ex-campaign aide to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is facing federal charges relating to money given to another candidate.

That candidate said he was paid to criticize then-Mayor Adrian Fenty who was running against Gray.
Howard Brooks was charged Wednesday with a single count of making a false statement to the FBI.

* President Obama will be airing two new ads in swing states, and unsurprisingly, they will be airing in Virginia.

Here they are:

 * Gov. O’Malley is a hosting donor to the Democratic Governors Associations at a two-day spring policy conference on the Eastern Shore in Cambridge, MD this afternoon, according to The Washington Post.

The will event will focus on energy issues and six governors, including O’Malley, are expected to attend. The event cost $350 per person.

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