Elf Clueless About Obama

President stumps little girl

Getty Images

He's the leader of the free world. He's won a Nobel Peace Prize. And he's the idol of millions across the world.

Just don't ask an elf what his name is.

President Barack Obama finally found someone who doesn't recognize him Sunday night during the Christmas in Washington celebration at the National Building Museum.

One girl, 6-year-old Anna Matsui, was one of four elves who had their picture taken with the president. Only problem was she had no idea who he was. And she wasn't shy about it, either, according to the White House pool report.

“It’s Santa’s little helpers!” the president exclaimed as the girls walked up to him and the first lady.

The children introduced themselves, and then little Anna added, “I’ve never seen you before!”

The president laughed and responded, “I’ve never seen YOU before!”

Be careful not to insult an elf, Mr. President, or you could end up on Santa's naughty list...

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