Larry Hogan

‘Respect the Vote:' Maryland Governor, West Virginia Senator Say in Video

Sen. Joe Manchin, Gov. Larry Hogan
No Labels

All votes will be counted and the results will determine who will be our next president, Maryland’s governor and a U.S. senator from West Virginia said in a video released the morning after Election Day. 

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin urged Americans to respect our democratic process. 

“We cast the votes, we count the votes and we respect the results,” Hogan said in the minute-long video. 

“Lose that and we lose everything,” Manchin added. 

The leaders said it’s our duty as Americans to respect our democracy and work with the next president. 

The ad is running nationally, the group No Labels said. With the slogan “country over party,” they describe themselves as a nonpartisan organization fighting for “common sense solutions to our nation's biggest problems and reforms to our political system.” 

As votes continue to be counted legally, President Donald Trump falsely claimed early Wednesday that he had won the election. At the time he spoke, he trailed Joe Biden in both the electoral vote and the popular vote, and NBC News had yet to project winners for 10 states.

Biden said the vote count will determine the winner. 

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