Decision 2020

Live Coverage: DC, Maryland, Virginia Election Results, Protests

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One of the most anticipated elections in United States history is still up in the air as key swing states are far too close to call.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden are locked in a close race. NBC News has yet to call a winner in nine states.

Live Election Results

Source: AP

Protesters took to the streets near the White House on Black Lives Matter Plaza, where demonstrations against police brutality raged during the summer.

Demonstrations in Washington, D.C., have been largely peaceful on election night aside from two scuffles in which police say three people were arrested.

In Virginia, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Mark Warner are projected to win, according to NBC News. Here are full results.

In Maryland, all eight incumbents are projected to keep their U.S. House seats, according to NBC News. Joe Biden won the state’s electoral votes. Here are the full results.

In D.C., residents voted on new city council members and passed Initiative 81, which makes certain psychedelic drugs a lower priority for law enforcement. Here are the full results.

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