Decision 2020

Election 2020 Delegates Tracker

NBC stations is tracking the number of delegates each candidate receives in primaries and caucuses leading up to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and breaking them down per primary and caucus.

The race to 1,991 is on for front-runners of the Democratic Party, with each presidential candidate raising and spending millions in early-voting states on ad buys and rallies before Super Tuesday.

Joe Biden became the apparent nominee for the Democratic party after Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign on April 8th, in the midst of confusion surrounding a primary season taking place during a global coronavirus pandemic. Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg dropped their bid for the White House shortly after disappointing Super Tuesday results.

On the Republican front, challenger William Weld remained in the race until mid-March, despite an expected sweep of delegates for incumbent President Donald Trump. Some states have gone as far as to cancel their primaries and caucuses in Trump's favor.

Data from NBC staff, NBC News Decision Desk and The Green Papers. Counts may be updated subject to new information or revisions by the Democratic National Committee or the Republican National Committee.

Latest delegate counts are projected by the NBC New Decision Desk pending official verification from each party committee.

Superdelegates were removed from total delegate counts after the Democratic National Committee passed a reform passage in 2018, stripping them of the power to vote for a candidate, except in the event of a tie. Read more about that here.

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