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DC Urges Residents to Vote Over the Weekend

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D.C. officials are urging everyone to vote before Election Day.

One reason is the possibility of protests making it difficult to vote on Election Day.

D.C. residents have been voting in record numbers by mail, drop off ballots and early in-person voting, but officials are still concerned about long lines on what could be an unpredictable Election Day.

“We also know some people would like to cause mayhem or trouble,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said. “We are preparing to ensure this city’s safety.

Since early in-person voting began Tuesday, turnout has been light with very few lines.

“Try to vote this weekend,” D.C. Board of Elections Chairman Michael Bennett said. “We don’t know what Monday and Tuesday will look like, especially Tuesday. D.C. is a magnet for all kinds of protests.”

As of Thursday, almost 46,000 people have voted in person and almost 60,000 by mail, but the biggest number of votes comes from drop-off boxes  with almost 115,000.

That’s 219,000 thousand people who have voted out of 504,000 registered voters. In the 2016 general election, 312,000 people voted in D.C.

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