‘Count Every Vote' Protesters Dance to Go-Go on DC Streets

Protests and demonstrations over the election continue in D.C.

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People around the world have their eyes on D.C. while waiting for the results of the presidential election, and a local protest group wants them to know two things: They want every vote counted, and they're willing to dance for it.

"Count every vote" demonstrators took to the streets of D.C. again Friday, this time blasting go-go music and dancing through downtown.

Protesters aimed to “[shut] down business as usual in the nation’s capital,” organizer ShutdownDC said. Anyone in the area should be prepared for streets to become blocked by either protesters or police doing traffic control.

At 11:30 a.m. Friday, organizers called for people to gather downtown, where demonstrators were welcomed with risers and a big screen.

A flatbed truck adorned with banners reading "count the votes" and "long live go-go" carried musicians and speakers blasting D.C.'s beloved genre of funk and led demonstrators toward Lafayette Park as they danced along to the beat.

The People's Dancers Dance Troupe was slated to make an appearance.

People have been gathering at Black Lives Matter since Election Day. News4’s Shomari Stone has been out there each night.

Shutdown DC in conjunction with SPACEs In Action and CASA in Action organized Friday’s rally and march from McPherson Square to Lafayette Square, which is near the White House.

“We have been very, very active in making sure that voters, especially Black and brown voters, get to vote this election. Not only that they get to vote, but that every single one of their votes is counted," said Kathryn Paul with CASA In Action.

They say this is all an effort to ensure every ballot is accounted for.

Supporters of President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden have been gathering at Black Lives Matter Plaza since election night awaiting the results of the race.

The demonstrations come as Trump makes baseless accusations of election fraud and pursues lawsuits over the vote count in critical states.

On Thursday, several dozen protesters on foot, on bikes and in vehicles circled the White House with signs saying “count every vote” and “we are watching.” D.C. police closed streets downtown intermittently during the demonstration.

In the evening, large crowds gathered there for a third straight night. The atmosphere was peaceful and full of anticipation.

Supporters of both Trump and Biden spent the night waiting for final results from the key battleground states.

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