Craigslist Pic Poster Pens Tough Blog Post

rep lee split

Keeping things secret is hard to do over the internet.

But after publishing a photo on the web sent to her by former New York congressman Chris Lee, Yesha Callahan has reacted with some surprise to the media attention she's attracted.

"Since all anonymity is lost, and I'm the "bad guy," might as well say my piece on my own site," Callahan wrote in a blog post sprinkled with sarcasm and curse words.

In highly snarky overtones, she responded to some of the negative comments that have been directed at her across the internet.  She wrote:

"Sure, I’m the bad woman.

Some even say I enticed former Congressman Chris Lee into sending me the shirtless photo. Excuse me for not realizing asking “Do you have something that doesn’t look like a JCPenney Ad” is considered enticing nowadays. Maybe I’ll use it more often. Maybe it’ll keep me off of Craigslist. Maybe it’ll yield me a financially & emotionally stable man. I mean anything is possible right?"

 While originally trying to keep her identity anonymous, Callahan was surprised how quickly her name became public.  "I didn't do this for the attention or, you know, notoriety or money or whatever," she told the Washington Post, "now I just want to go about my daily business."

In her blog post, she reacted with dismay that her past legal history has been brought to light and written on.  Despite using strong language to take swipes at her distractors, Callahan insisted that she will have no trouble putting the incident behind her.  She wrote:

"Tonight I will sleep fine.

Tomorrow I will sleep fine.

Hopefully those people who live lily white lives with no blemishes will sleep fine as well."

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