D.C. Council Tries for a ‘No Profanity Day'

Not for Them, Though -- For the Kids

Is "pure coincidence" the same as awkward #!$*% timing?

The D.C. Council will review the No Profanity Day Recognition Resolution of 2011 -- but as WashingtonPost.com notes, "Please rest assured that the legislation, introduced by Michael A. Brown (I-At Large), has nothing to do with the recent public profanity of certain Council members."

The bill wants a swear-free day to encourage young people to express themselves without profanity, which stems from a similar one founded by rappers Kurtis Blow and KRS-One.

And hey, The Kids Today do like that rap music. Maybe the Council will get hip and feel compelled to follow the movement, too.

"It shouldn't be just a day," Brown told the Post. "It should be forever."

Frankly, though, we're not so sure about this whole thing. If the kids today don't learn how to swear properly, how will they ever be able to grow up and serve on the D.C. Council?

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