Big Names Stump for Candidates in the Commonwealth

Obama and McCain keep focus on battleground states

With just five days left until election day, the presidential candidates are in a final push to win over undecided voters.  Thursday night, the campaigns called in some big names to rally their volunteers for a final push in Virginia.

Outgoing Virginia Senator John Warner rallied volunteers for John McCain in Crystal City.  Warner told supporters that McCain can, and must, win in Virginia.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson energized Barack Obama's base in Arlington.  So many supporters turned out that they spilled into hallways, leaving no room to stand in the campaign office.   

Richardson says he believes Nothern Virginia's latino vote could push Obama over the top. 

As for the candidates themselves, they remain focused on swing states.  McCain spent the day in Ohio, while Obama held rallies in Florida, Virginia Beach and Missouri.

Both will make at least one more stop in the Commonwealth before election day; McCain will be in Hampton Roads on Saturday.  Obama has announced that he will make a campaign stop in Manassas Park Monday, his last on the campaign trail.

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