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What Went On in Russia's Now-Shuttered US Compounds?



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    FILE - A Russian diplomatic compound in Maryland has hosted officials and their families since the 1970s. The compound, along with others in New York, were shuttered as part of sanctions imposed this week by President Obama.

    As retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election, President Obama shuttered Russian diplomatic facilities in Maryland and New York.

    In response, Russia’s United Nations ambassador accused Obama of “going after our kids,” as NBC News reports.

    The facilities are actually mansions on sprawling estates, and the Russian diplomatic corps has long used them as retreats for their families.

    But, U.S. intelligence says that the mansions doubled as surveillance outposts for Russian spies. Officials believe that, as far back as the Reagan administration, the then-Soviet Union was using both compounds to steal communications from the U.S. government and defense contractors.