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Virginia Is for Sarah Palin Plagiarizers?

McDonnell proclamation mirrors one issued by Palin



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    Could Virginia be looking more like Alaska? It certainly did last month.

    Gov. Bob McDonnell proclaimed a week in March as Christian Heritage Week. His proclamation quoted Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, to name a few of the nation’s greatest minds.

    There was just something a little odd about that proclamation: it was almost identical to a proclamation Sarah Palin issued when she was governor of Alaska. We’re talking same quotes, same order, same everything...

    In full disclosure, we were alerted to this “coincidence” by Blue Virginia.

    McDonnell is now making headlines for another proclamation he issued, declaring April as Confederate History Month.

    Don’t accuse him of plagiarism in that case; that proclamation had been made for years in Virginia, until Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine refused to issue the proclamation.  All he did was leave a key part out.