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President Takes a Hike for His Health

President skips the motorcade for health's sake



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    WASHINGTON - MARCH 01: (AFP OUT) U.S. President Barack Obama turns to answer a reporter's question as he walks through Lafayette Park back to the White House after he delivered an address at an America's Promise Alliance education event, March 1, 2010 in Washington, DC. Obama announced new steps to improve the nation's schools and improving the lives of America's children and youth. (Photo by Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty Images)

    Stop the presses.  President Barack Obama took a brief walk Monday.   It wasn't exactly an Olympic event, but it did draw a lot of attention.

    The president took a motorcade up the street from the White House so he could give a speech to the Chamber of Commerce.  On the way back he waved off the limo and decided to hoof it.   He cut through Lafayette Park on his stroll back to the White House.

    This comes one day after his latest physical revealed his cholesterol levels were now edging closer to the "high" range and his doctor encouraged him to get those numbers down. During his stroll the president joked that he was "walking off some of that cholesterol."   

    Some say the best way to lower your cholesterol is with diet and a variety of new drugs that help combat the gooey plaque that can build up in the arteries.  

    And while walking one block isn't going to change anyone's health profile, one can't blame the president for wanting to take a break outside today.  Washington has been battered by a blizzard-heavy winter.   March came in like a lamb today with soft temperatures and even softer breezes.   The president was one of many government workers finding any excuse to get outside for a while.