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Spam: Tomorrow's Political Tool

Text messages from politicians? Just what we wanted



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    Ooooh! Nancy Pelosi just friended me on Facebook!

    Want to win Redskins tickets?  No?  Well, pretend you did. If you did, all you'd have to do is send your phone number to Bob McDonnell, and he'll be happy to spamtext your phone from now 'til the end of time.

    That's the GOP's latest strategy to eliminate the Obama social media gap, reports The Hill.

    President Obama used new technology and social media in a way no other campaign had previously, attracting broad coverage and interest, especially from younger and more tech-savvy voters.

    Now Republicans are playing catch-up, no longer wishing to solely rely on the campaign technologies of 1936.  The House GOP Conference has signed a contract with an affiliate of the same texting service that Obama used successfully.

    Once you give up your cell number, candidates can blast you with information about votes, town hall meetings or what they had for dinner last night.  "Vot 4 me plz!"

    It's just part of a broader trend of Republicans using technology, notes Mindy Finny, an adviser to Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty:

    “Feeling motivated by what they see as the now-dominant Democratic Party, Republican activists are turning to the most efficient place to organize -- the Web -- as we’ve seen recently with the resurgence of right-leaning activism at Tea Parties across the country, even in places where the official party structure is lacking.”

    So technology can unite people of all stripes, whether its the erudite Ivy League professor discussing the atrocities America commits daily, or the survivalist holed up in his ammo dump, waiting for the repeal of Posse Comitatus.

    You've just gotta be willing to accept more spam text messages.