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Pooch Elected President

Residents unknowingly elect dog president



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    Residents of the Hilbrook-Tall Oaks neighborhood in Annandale, Va. held a historic election last year when they unknowingly elected a dog as president of the civic association.

    The former president put his dog, Ms. Beatha Lee, on the ballot as a joke when no one volunteered to run for the post. When everyone went to vote, they saw a name and assumed Ms. Lee was a human.

    "We thought [Ms. Lee] was the volunteer we'd been looking for," said Helen Winter, a Hillbrook-Tall Oaks resident.

    Winter said under her bio, Ms. Lee seemed highly qualified. Her experienced included security responsibilities for a 26-acre property in Maine.

    "This dog was pretty important at one time, and she is again," Winter joked.

    When asked if she would vote for Ms. Lee again, Winter said, "No... I'd vote for my cat though."

    Winter tells us re-elections are coming up in just a few weeks, and this time around Ms. Lee has human competition.