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Orange Wants Council Pay Raises - With a Catch



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    A D.C. councilmember is proposing that he and his colleagues receive a $45,000 raise -- with a catch.  In return, he wants them to give up their second jobs and be limited to two terms.

    At-large Councilmember Vincent Orange's proposals are part of a broad package of ethics reforms that he intends to introduce Tuesday.

    Orange wants to hike councilmembers' salaries from $125,000 to $170,000 while making service on the Council a full-time job. If the bill passes, four councilmembers would have to give up their outside jobs.

    He also wants to limit councilmembers to two consecutive four-year terms. But the term limits would not be retroactive, meaning that current councilmembers could serve two more terms after their current ones expire.

    Orange served two terms between 1999 and 2007 before returning to the Council in a special election
    this year.